Characters Audition in Spain

10 October 2018


Characters & Parades

Employment contract


We are looking for enthusiastic and highly energetic people for our characters and parade department!

If you dream of:

  • performing as a famous Disney© Character,
  • to participate in our wonderful parade and cavalcades (a basic dance level required),
  • to portray Disney Princesses and Princes (subject of having the distinguishing characteristics).

Open Audition Call :

10th October 2018 at 10:00 am

Teatros del Canal
C/ Cea Bermúdez 1
28003 MADRID

All heights from 137 to 192 cm are welcome (measured during the audition).
50 positions: Open Ended (full-time) and Date to date (seasonal) contracts starting between November 2018 and April 2019.

Housing possibilities.

These positions are aimed at major or similar candidates, given the night hours and the labor regulations protecting young workers.

Candidates must speak English or French and be available until 6 pm.

Please come to the audition:
• wearing comfortable clothing (to participate in a movement/dance combination) and refrain from wearing makeup
• with a non-returnable CV and a pen

We do not reimburse any transportation costs to attend the audition.