The Walt Disney Legacy Award, a worldwide recognition program which celebrates Walt Disney’s heritage by honouring Cast Members who uphold his tradition of excellence.


The highest honour awarded internally at Disneyland® Paris

Inspired by the personal example of Walt Disney and his heritage of excellence, the Walt Disney Legacy Award recognizes Cast Members, Crew Members and Imagineers who give the very best of themselves to our guests, their co-workers and the company.

All Cast Members with CDI or CDD contacts are eligible, up to and including Senior Managers. Recipients must have worked in the company for at least two consecutive years and represent daily commitment to the three key values of ‘dream, create and inspire’.

Considered to be the highest internal honour among the 12 Disneyland® Paris recognition programs, 215 recipients have been selected since the program began in 2011.

39 winners selected this year! 

For the programme’s 5th year, 1000 Cast Members were nominated and 39 selected to be recipients of the Walt Disney Legacy Award.

An evening in their honor will take place soon, follow this event on our Instagram and Facebook stories!

See recipient reactions as the 2019 winners are announced:​

« You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a realitY» - WALT DISNEY

How can you earn this distinction? 

To be nominated by your co-workers, candidates must clearly demonstrate attitudes and performance that set them apart as dreamers, creators and sources of inspiration. In fact, the Walt Disney Legacy Award recognizes people who excel in their daily work and who embody the three values of:

  • Dream: going the extra mile every day to make dreams become reality and improve the Disney experience (projecting a positive and dynamic image through their speech and actions, participating in the company’s strategic initiatives and finding ways to promote them, etc.)
  • Create: developing new and effective initiatives to improve their workplace environment and upholding Disney brand quality (accepting change and adhering to new ideas, actively focusing on improving the Disney experience by resolving problems, limiting constraints, etc.)
  • Inspire: inspiring others by their positive attitude, constant support and team spirit (being inclusive, courteous and pleasant to all, acting as a role model, recognising and celebrating the successes of others, etc.).


See the evening organized in honor of our thirty-nine 2019 winners in this video: