Informations générales pour les candidats et les embauches récentes

Disneyland Paris a fermé temporairement ses portes à compter du samedi 14 mars 2020 et ce jusqu’à la fin du mois.

Nos services RH sont mobilisés pour contacter, dans les meilleurs délais, les candidats récemment embauchés et censés arriver avant le 31 mars. Celles et ceux concernés par un logement durant cette même période vont également être contactés.

Les formations d’intégration sont annulées jusqu’à nouvel ordre.

Les entretiens, sessions de recrutement et auditions sont momentanément suspendus.


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General information for candidates and recent hires

Disneyland Paris is temporarily closed from March 14th till the end of the month.

Our HR Services are currently contacting all candidates recently hired and initially due to work within this timeframe (prior to March 31st). People registered for accommodation during this period will also be contacted.

All onboarding sessions are currently suspended.

All job interviews, recruitment sessions and auditions are currently suspended.


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Bartender F/M

Employment contract



Permanent contract

Temporary contract


Vocational High School Diploma

High School Diploma

Working week

35 hours


With 7 themed hotels and over 70 magical restaurants, bars and cafés, Disneyland® Paris offers a myriad of accommodation and dining options.  From the elegant New York City Bar to the blissful musical setting of Café Fantasia, each venue shares its own personality.  Your role will be to bring the Resort’s magic to life and offer Guests an unforgettable experience. You must be dynamic and detail-oriented, demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, and speak French, English and preferably a third European language.

Your day-to-day responsibilities   

  • Creating delicious cocktails and recommending a variety of drinks to clients  
  • Providing the highest quality service
  • Optimizing your workspace by clearing, cleaning and stocking the bar
  • Handling payment from clients
  • Enforcing environmental standards, alcohol-related legislation and HACCP hygiene rules

The key to excellence

  • Cheerful To provide a warm welcome

  • Reactive To manage your bar efficiently

  • Creative To offer a wide range of cocktails

  • Approachable To meet a variety of demands

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