Character and Parade Performer F/M

Employment contract

Permanent contract

Temporary contract



Working week

35 hours

Job description

By embodying one of the Disney® Characters, you will create magical moments for our Guests. You will adopt the attitude of your character in every respect and reach out to greet children and adults throughout the Resort. Your playful interaction with Guests offers them an unforgettable moment with one of their favourite Disney® Characters. If you are adaptable and have good dance technique, you can perform in the Parade. In this case, you will attend rehearsals with other performers and work with choreographers, directors and artistic directors.  Characters make public appearances along the Parade route, in the Parks, hotels and restaurants. This position requires energy and enthusiasm as well as excellent acting and people skills.



Your day-to-day responsibilities

  • Playing your role, signing autographs and posing for photos or videos with Guests
  • For Parade performers: memorising, practicing and performing choreographies
  • Giving your very best performance every day thanks to your excellent physical condition, endurance and sense of rhythm

Madly tells about being a Character and Parade Performer at Disneyland Paris:

“Before arriving at Disneyland Paris I was in a university sports programme, then I moved into a dance programme. Here, we meet a lot of people from various cultures and it is very enriching because we can speak different languages. This job really gives you a chance to express yourself through dancing, acting…. You gain self-confidence. You play a variety of roles which makes it very interesting! I think that in another structure my dreams would never have come true. Being a princess is the dream of all young girls.”

We are looking for candidates with

  • Lots of energy and dynamic stage presence
  • Excellent physical condition, good coordination, suppleness, endurance, a sense of rhythm
  • Good dance technique, essential for parade performers
  • A passion for entertainment, theatre and acting
  • A taste for teamwork
  • Availability, flexibility, adaptability and punctuality


The key to excellence

  • Team spirit To create magical moments with other Characters

  • Rigorous To embody your Character to perfection

  • Energetic To keep pace and reach out to greet Guests

  • Disciplined To stay in top form

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