Dancer F/M

Employment contract




Working week

35 hours

Job description

Disneyland® Paris produces exceptional shows throughout the year. As a dancer, you will perform on various stages and for different events, both indoors and outdoors.  Certain show concepts and characters require specific physical and technical qualities – size, shape, dance style – which must be embodied to perfection.

During rehearsals and performances, you will work with a troupe of performers, stage managers, technicians, choreographers, directors and artistic directors. You will bring creativity and enthusiasm to each project, adapting to the various styles and disciplines involved. When necessary you will work persistently to integrate new techniques into your repertory. Working hours correspond to rehearsal and performance schedules.



Specific skills required

  • Outstanding classical and jazz dance technique and an artistic feel
  • The ability to learn a variety of choreographies easily and quickly
  • Adjusting attitudes and movements depending on your role
  • Integrating a troupe, working as a team

Kalil tells about being a Dancer at Disneyland® Paris:

“I started taking classical and jazz dance lessons, then I went on to modern dance and then hip hop. I heard there were a lot of auditions at Disneyland® Paris, and I wanted to give it a try. It is really magical to participate in a show: you learn to open up to other performances. It is very demanding for the dancers. You sometimes have to be able to channel your energy for 5 shows in one day, giving a perfect performance each time. Every Guest deserves the best we have to give.”

We are looking for candidates with

  • Outstanding classical and jazz technique and excellent physical condition
  • Lots of energy and dynamic stage presence
  • Rigour, stamina and reliability
  • A taste for teamwork
  • Availability, flexibility, adaptability and punctuality

The key to excellence

  • Disciplined To consistently perform at your best

  • Rigorous To respect choreographies during live performances

  • Open To work intelligently with the troupe

  • Enthusiastic To play your role to perfection

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