It's your time
to shine!

Let your talent shine in a magical environment!


Every day, Disneyland® Paris offers its guests a wide choice of live shows featuring talented performers: musicians, dancers, singers, actors, acrobats, stunt bikers and stunt riders… On stage and off, these performers enjoy a unique experience in a multicultural team and a chance to showcase their talent in front of millions of guests.

Did You Know?


To apply for auditions and join our casting calls, visit our dedicated website.
You’ll find all our recruitment events, audition times and places, and job openings. See you there!

  • Step 1

    Auditions by invitation

    I find a job offer that matches my profile. I submit my completed application on the “show candidate” page of the Disneyland Paris website.

    Getting invited

    I receive a response. If it is positive, I get all the elements I need to prepare the audition (script, score, etc.).

  • Step 2

    Audition day

    I arrive ready and on time at the audition. I perform my best with the help and advice of the jury.


    If I pass the audition, I receive an invitation for additional selection sessions. These include artistic workshops, interviews, measurements, wig and costume fittings, make-up sessions.

  • Step 3

    Joining the talent pool

    If I am selected, I join the talent pool (our list of performers) and I wait for the final cast list to be announced.

    Joining the Cast !

    If I am cast in a role, I join rehearsals and attend final fittings for wigs, costumes and make-up. It’s official, I have a role on stage !