Characters and Parades Careers at Disneyland® Paris

When you join the Disneyland® Paris Characters and Parade department, you sign up for a unique experience!
You will use your enthusiasm and energy to embody the dream and reach out to guests of all ages.

If you have a basic dance level, you will perform in our famous parades also featuring Disney® princesses and princes. Whatever your role, you will share unforgettable moments with our guests!

6,051 candidates auditioned in 2015
G - ChiffreClesPersonnagesParade.jpg
G - ChiffresClesPersonnagesParade.jpg
112 characters and performers are part of Disney Magic on Parade
54 audition days in 2015
382 job openings in 2015
14 countries visited
  • Step 1

    Open auditions

    I don’t need to sign up. I read the requirements carefully and make sure they match my profile.

    Getting ready

    I practice my skills, preparing to give my very best performance on audition day.

  • Step 2

    Audition day

    I arrive ready and on time for the audition. After a demonstration by the coach and a practice period, I perform in front of a jury.


    If I pass the audition, I receive an invitation for additional selection sessions. These include artistic workshops, interviews, measurements, wig and costume fittings, make-up sessions.

  • Step 3

    Joining the talent pool

    If I am selected, I join the talent pool (our list of performers) and I wait for the final cast list to be announced.

    Joining the Cast !

    If I am cast in a role, I join rehearsals and attend final fittings for wigs, costumes and make-up. It’s official, I have a role on stage !

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