Disneyland® Paris has made regional economic and social development a veritable strategic priority. As part of this commitment, the Social Policy teams of the Human Resources Division run several job insertion programmes, namely the training-insertion cycle called “Passerelles” for local residents who are long-time job seekers.

Launched in 2007, with the Seine-et-Marne department and the local employment authorities, Passerelles offers training and qualifying work experience.

Every year Disneyland Paris recruits 75 people as part of this programme.

“At every stage, from candidate selection to reintegrating them into the workforce, what drives our teams is the desire to offer participants personalised support and innovative training, in line with the needs of the labour market,” explains Daniel Dreux.

Participants benefit from a theatre module to work on speaking in public and building self-confidence. During their two traineeships at Disneyland Paris, participants get support from their traineeship supervisor, a committed Cast Member who volunteers to help them succeed.

The goal is to help participants prepare themselves for the job they want.

Over 700 people have already benefited from Passerelles since it was created: a veritable success story, because 90% now hold a job at the Resort.

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For more information, ask our Social Policies team.