Food and Beverage Careers at Disneyland® Paris

This unique concentration of such varied food and beverage outlets, all on one site, enables Disneyland Paris to offer exciting F&B careers.

You will work in a multicultural, friendly setting offering numerous professions: Chef, Barman, Commis, Pastry Chef, Sommelier, Waiter/Waitress, F&B employee…

Here, you can perfect your skills and learn new ones, develop your sense of customer service, and seize opportunities to change professions or take on new responsibilities.

55 restaurants
13 cafés and bars
3,000 recipes reinvented each year
18 million meals served every hour
15 to 100 Cast Members in each team
  • Step 1

    Our professions

    I look into which professions correspond to my skills and I decide which one interests me the most.
    I find out more about Disneyland Paris.

    The job offers

    I look through the job offers and recruitment sessions carefully. I choose those that best match my profile.

  • Step 2

    Applying for a job

    I apply for a job offer or recruitment session by submitting my completed application (CV, letter and photocopy of ID). My application is then reviewed by a recruitment rep. If my application is approved, I am invited to an interview or preselected for a recruitment session.

    Getting selected

    I am invited to a recruitment session which begins with a presentation of Disneyland® Paris. Then, I am interviewed by a recruitment rep. I must demonstrate my motivation as well as my language skills (French and English, minimum).

  • Step 3

    The response

    If I am selected and a current job opening matches my profile and availability, I am offered a contract. If there is no job opening for the moment, my application is put on hold (for a few weeks to a few months). If I am not selected, I will receive a response by email within 3 weeks.

    Joining the company

    I am invited to come sign my contract. I receive all the information I need about my company orientation. The adventure begins!

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