Learn, grow, change jobs: your career mobility is up to you


At Disneyland® Paris, mobility is not a myth. You want proof? 81% of our managers have been promoted internally!

We believe that every Cast Member should be able to develop or perfect their skills. By getting better at their job, they make our company better. Plus, by giving every employee access to other professions, our company makes its teams more creative, more dynamic and more open to change.

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Tools designed to promote Cast Member mobility

What is internal career mobility? It is when employees change jobs within the same company. At Disneyland Paris, mobility can be horizontal (between the various operational and support professions), vertical (being promoted to management positions) or geographic (changing work location, i.e. Parks, Disneyland Paris hotels or Disney Village).

Disneyland Paris provides Cast Members with several tools that promote internal mobility. For example, there is a dedicated internal site! This platform offers better access to information and allows users to access all job offers open to internal candidates. Each Cast Member can create a candidate space and request personalized alerts as well as apply online from home.

“I was an F&B employee for 6 years at the Restaurant des Stars. It was great, but recently I took advantage of internal mobility to move to the hotels, change my work environment and discover something new. The transition went smoothly, I have a manager I can count on, who gave me a warm welcome and integrated me right into the team. I felt at home from the start!”

Lorra, Waitress

Disney University: a full range of training courses

In addition to the standard orientation training given to all Cast Members, Disneyland Paris offers over 400 training courses every year at Disney University. This internal structure is one of the 34 training centres in France with the “French Norm for Continuing Professional Education Service” certification. It provides training in specific job-related skills, teaches or develops professional or management skills as well as opening doors to new professions. 

“I joined the company in a Guest Relations position way back before the Resort opened. Then,  I worked in the Park Operations division before transferring to Costuming, Parade and finally Food&Beverage, advancing my career from one job to the next (…) It’s in our genes, the company gives us this wonderful chance to enjoy mobility with 500 different professions!”

Patrick, Senior Food & Beverage Manager

Cast Members: in charge of change

Throughout their career at Disneyland Paris, all Cast Members enjoy support from their managers and the Human Resources team. But mobility is, above all, a personal matter. It’s up to each Cast Member to investigate mobility options by developing a professional network. The company offers a wide range of training courses that not only teach new skills, but also create a class spirit: the perfect opportunity to build and maintain a professional network with Cast Members from other teams and departments.