Health and Safety Careers at Disneyland® Paris

Working at Disneyland Paris means developing your sense of priorities, listening skills and versatility.

You will be called on to deal with health-related issues for a wide variety of sectors and professions.

By joining our teams, you will fulfill legal obligations such as conducting employee medical check-ups or running awareness and prevention campaigns. You may even work in a first aid unit.

165 Cast Members in our "Fire prevention" teams
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81% managers and senior managers are recruited internally
No.1 tourist destination in Europe
500 professions
16,500 Cast Members
  • Step 1

    Our professions

    I look into which professions correspond to my education and skills. I find out more about Disneyland Paris and its current activities.

    The job offers

    I look through the job offers carefully. I select offers that interest me and correspond to my skills.

  • Step 2

    Applying for a job

    I complete and submit my application (CV and letter). A recruitment rep reviews my application and sends me a response within 2 weeks.

    Getting selected

    If my application is approved, I am contacted for a telephone interview.
    After reviewing my candidacy, I am invited for one or more interviews with recruitment reps and managers.

  • Step 3

    Job proposal

    I am selected.
    If my profile matches the job offer in question, I am offered a contract.
    Otherwise, it is kept in the talent pool to be matched to a future job offer.

    The job is mine

    I complete the administrative formalities and sign my contract.
    I receive information concerning my orientation programme.

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