Master of Ceremony – Entertainment Host F/M

Employment contract




Working week

35 hours


You will present and host large events, workshops, conferences and shows organised at Disneyland® Paris.

Depending on the artistic concept or the programme agenda, you will announce, provide commentary, present performers, etc.

Your role is to showcase the details, contributing to the magic of the event or show as a whole.

You must create a positive and dynamic ambiance, grabbing and guiding the audience’s attention. You will work in close relation with the show designer or director, as well as the client who has ordered the event in the case of conferences, conventions, gala dinners, inaugurations, season launches, awards ceremonies, dance parties, treasure hunts, children’s workshops, etc.

You will emcee at entertainment venues throughout the Resort: hotels, convention centres, Parks, Disney Village. You may be asked to attend rehearsals with the teams involved in the event (performers, directors, choreographers, etc.).



  • Excellent public speaking and ad-lib skills
  • A positive attitude, sense of humour and the ability to entertain
  • Ensuring seamless transitions, keeping the event moving, respecting time constraints
  • Additional skills such as dancing, singing, acting, improvisation, writing, journalistic interviewing, sports speciality, foreign language skills



  • Exceptional energy and dynamic stage presence
  • Equally at ease speaking and interacting with an audience of adults and/or children
  • The ability to put people at ease
  • Presentable appearance and good general knowledge
  • Professional entertainment experience
  • One or more foreign languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian…

The key to excellence

  • Reactive To adapt to your audience and the event

  • Enthusiastic To communicate your energy to the audience

  • Methodical To leave no detail of your performance to chance

  • Creative To smoothly handle the unexpected

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