More than just a tourist destination, a unique employer!

Start a new chapter in your career alongside 17,000 Cast Members and write a new page of Disneyland Paris

8000 annual contracts

  • A   unique   work   environment 30km from Paris

  • Working   side-by-side with 121 nationalities 

  • A   chance   to   chat with 17,000 colleagues

  • 40%   of   student   workers sign on after their studies

ACQUIRE An enriching professional experience in a unique environment
DISCOVER The leading company in European tourism
LIVE AND LET LIVE Our culture and the Disney difference

You already know that Disneyland® Paris is a leading tourist destination, welcoming 320 million guests since its opening … but did you know that it is also a benchmark employer? Belonging to one of the biggest global entertainment groups, our company offers its 17,000 Cast Members (Disneyland Paris employees) a unique work environment on one and the same site and with over 500 different professions.  

In our company, service excellence is cultivated day after day by our Cast Members from around the world, motivated by the vision and legacy of Walt Disney.  

Here’s your chance to experience one of our exciting– sometimes unconventional–professions, and help make our guests’ stay unique. 



How can you be part of the adventure?

Across our site, on stage, backstage and in our offices, every day, you can find over 500 professions, divided into 7 large families. Every Cast Member, depending on his or her skills and talents, contributes to making Disneyland Paris a dream destination.  

When you join one of our teams, you will be working alongside Chefs, Engineers, Attraction Hosts-Operators, Servers, Analysts, Costume Makers, Communication Officers, Mechanics, Acrobats, Security Hosts and more... few companies can boast such a wide diversity of professions on a single site! 

This diversity enables our single-site company to promote exchange, skill-building opportunities, career development and networking. Our Cast Members form a veritable community, enriching the work environment with their varied backgrounds and skills that contribute to making our company a workplace unlike any other.   


Our diversity is our Force!

In order to provide the highest level of service to our guests, Disneyland Paris must meet constant recruitment needs. On average, we  sign 8000 full time or part-time contracts per year, including permanent (CDI), temporary (CDD), work-study jobs, internships... with candidates from all levels of education, from vocational diplomas to master’s degrees, whatever their chosen career path.  

The soul of the Resort is rooted in the story of its founder and the company he created over 100 years ago: The Walt Disney Company. Since its creation, the Group has leveraged its many assets, ensuring success by transmitting them to all of our Cast Members: innovation, excellence, optimism, service and show.   

That’s why, across the vast array of professions and cultures present at Disneyland Paris, all our Cast Members are united by 4 values (called the 4 Keys): Security, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. Veritable pillars of our company culture, these keys ensure service excellence and an exceptional experience to each and every guest. 


A multi-facetted work environment unique in France

English, Spanish, German, Belgian, Italian, Dutch, French... Disneyland Paris guests come from all over Europe. Our Cast Members are ready to welcome them, forming a team made up of 121 nationalities and 20 spoken languages. Their workdays offer myriad moments to share, learn new languages, discover new cultures and grow together.  

This palette of internal resources offers countless opportunities to rub shoulders with a wide range of savoir-faire and acquire new skills from colleagues of various origins and nationalities. Discover our international environment, just outside Paris, that gives new meaning to the word teamwork.  

Each profession enjoys a dedicated work location, many of them in the Resort’s backstage area which also houses various services to enhance life in the workplace: food service facilities (18 across the site), rest areas and sports facilities, as well as a company concierge service. A full range of services and events (Christmas party for Cast Members and their families, Summer Party, yoga classes, etc.) throughout the year are made possible through the CastMemberland programme which was created to promote an optimized work-life balance. Plus, these various occasions promote encounters and exchange between Cast Members.    


We give you the means to become actors of your own development 

Plus, we offer many opportunities for career advancement in a given profession, depending on the skills and ambitions of each Cast Member. In terms of development, our focus is on training: we offer a thousand programmes and over 500,000 hours of training – that’s 5  times the legal requirement in France – and a dedicated department, Disney University. We also encourage “shadowing” in the form of discovery days, a practice which enables Cast Members to spend a few hours observing a colleague at work in a profession they are interested in pursuing. 

The company human resource policy promotes Cast Member development, namely through programmes such as the Talent School which offers internal Team Leader training to current Cast Members . In fact, 81 % of our Managers and Senior Managers were promoted internally. Students also enjoy interesting job opportunities: every year 40% of the 900 work-study students at Disneyland Paris sign a contract with us after their studies. 

Showcase your teamwork skills
Contribute to cultivating Disney excellence
Be part of a multicultural environment