Musician F/M

Employment contract




Working week

35 hours

Job description

Throughout the year, shows at Disneyland® Paris entertain Guests with exceptional creative and artistic performances. Changing with the seasons, various bands and musicians play throughout the Resort, indoors and outdoors, in the Parks, Disney Village, hotels and convention centres. As a musician, your role is to create a musical atmosphere that brings each theme alive for Guests:  strumming a banjo in Frontierland or playing jazz piano in the Hotel New York, for example. A variety of musical instruments are featured such as accordion, clarinet, bass, trumpet, guitar, piano, saxophone, trombone, tuba, violin, percussions…

You will work in collaboration with various participants, namely the musical entertainment management. Hours vary according to scheduled performances and recordings on weekdays, weekends, holidays and/or evenings. This position requires energy and stage presence, team spirit, wide-ranging musical knowledge… and flexibility!



Your day-to-day responsibilities

  • Playing musical pieces following a score in front of you, as a soloist or part of a band
  • Participating in recording sessions
  • Ensuring your instrument is well-tuned
  • Practicing the musical work from a given score or text using your sense of rhythm and musical ear
  • Rigorously practicing your instrument daily, working on the necessary techniques to always be in top form for performances

We are seeking candidates with

  • Good sight-reading, performing and memorisation skills
  • Natural abilities: a sense of rhythm, attentive listening, the ability to reproduce a melody/music and a good ear.
  • Wide-ranging musical culture is a plus.
  • A taste for teamwork.
  • Regular musical practice, mandatory.

The key to excellence

  • Energetic To ensure the best show

  • Team spirit To be part of a band

  • Rigorous To follow the score precisely

  • Flexible To adapt to changing schedules

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