Our Apprenticeship contracts


Since it opened in 1992, Disneyland® Paris has made hiring young people a priority. In fact, it is a veritable company culture. In 2013, the company boosted its committment by signing an intergenerational agreement promoting employment of people under 26 and seniors. Work-study contracts are one of the ways we welcome young people into the company and today Disneyland Paris offers over 600 work-study positions, representing 4.3% of the group’s employees. Thanks to a stronger partnership with schools, student-workers receive special treatment and a unique work experience.

What is work-study at Disneyland Paris?

A win-win formula and a magical adventure! Disneyland Paris offers 1- to 3-year apprenticeship and professional training contracts. How do they work? You learn a trade under the guidance of a tutor while continuing classroom instruction at your school, benefiting from a unique experience in the profession of your choice. Plus, Disneyland Paris is unlike any other company: you will work in an exceptional environment charged with magic, dreams and dedicated to the happiness of our Guests. You will share your daily tasks (and human values) with 15,000 Cast Members from a variety of cultures, countries and communities.  

A contract at Disneyland Paris enables you to acquire job-related skills in an environment that aims for excellence, to discover professions, improve your autonomy and organisation skills, develop your professional network, bring a fresh eye and innovative ideas to your job….

At Disneyland Paris, work-study contracts also offer professional perspectives: on average, 30% of student-workers are hired at the end of their initial contract (fixed term or open-ended). After that, its up to you to take advantage of the many opportunities for career development!

The advantages of a work-study contract at Disneyland Paris:

  • Personalised support throughout your contract
  • On-the-job foreign language practice
  • Access to the same services as regular Cast Members
  • Acquire new skills and develop your professional network


Advantages for student-workers

  • 80% of home-work commuting costs reimbursed;
  • Temporary low-rent housing (conditions apply);
  • 15 company restaurants (full meals for under 4 euros, subsidised by Disneyland Paris);
  • Privileged access to Disney® Parks for you and your family.


500 professions and hundreds of job openings!

Disneyland Paris, Europe’s number one tourist destination and major recruiter of young talents, offers hundreds of work-study and apprenticeship contracts (over 300 per year) in over 500 professions:

  • food & beverage
  • hosting
  • technical services
  • IT
  • marketing
  • finance and revenue management
  • HR
  • communication
  • strategy and audit
  • health and workplace safety


Ready to apply? Read on!

  • Phase 1. You attended one of our school forums, identified a position that interests you? Click onto our site!
  • Phase 2. Here, you will find out what kind of candidates we are looking for, get first-hand accounts and see the latest job openings. Apply for the job or event that best corresponds to your studies, skills and aspirations. If none of them seem to fit, create an email notification request or follow us on the social networks to be informed of new opportunities in real time. Be sure to follow #DLPCampus, the hashtag with the latest news just for students.
  • Phase 3.  You post your completed application on the site (CV and cover letter).
  • Phase 4. Your application is read by a Recruitment Rep. If it is retained, and depending on the position you applied for, you will be asked to attend one or more interviews with a recruiter and a manager (by telephone or in person) to assess your skills, motivation and language level, namely in English and French.
  • Phase 5. If you are accepted, you will be informed within 3 weeks after your interview. You will then receive a firm job proposal in writing within 2 months.
  • Phase 6. You will integrate our teams and follow our orientation and training programme. Welome to Disneyland Paris!


Where can you meet us?

School forums and events. We regularly organise or participate in forums and events at partner schools.

The rest is up to you...

With work-study contracts, Disneyland Paris commits to providing young people with long-term support in their careers. Professional advancement is a reality within the group where 80% of managers and senior management were promoted through internal recruitment. Take the promising career of Christophe Davoine, assistant manager bar at the New York City Bar, who started his career as an apprentice with the Group and this year was awarded the coveted title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the barman category. If you can dream it you can do it!.

First-hand accounts


“Why do I like my apprenticeship at Disneyland Paris? I spend most of my time in the workshop where we work with highly sophisticated machines using cutting edge technology. Working on an attraction is different from working in the industrial sector, and that’s what I like. The fact that Guest and employee safety are the company’s priority is also important to me. Plus, this year of work experience has enabled me to pay for my studies, which is great. My friends are curious about the work I do here-they always want to know what attractions I worked on with the team. When I see them enjoying themselves on these same attractions, I am proud to be a part of it!”


Alex Crepin, computer programmer (former apprentice)

“I highly recommend an apprenticeship at Disneyland Paris. First of all because there is no work environment more enchanted than this one. Plus, apprentices are given a real place within the company and are encouraged to participate and propose solutions, giving you more responsibility than at other companies. Disneyland Paris offers a veritable professional experience.”


INTERVIEW Laureline Ly - assistant graphic designer (apprentice)

“I began working for Disneyland Paris with a 16-hour open-ended contract in the Park (F & B). And one day I said to myself that there must be graphic designers. I asked around and when I learned that the Imagineering department existed, I set my sights on getting a job there. This job combines my passion for Disney and my field of study: a dream come true!”