Prevention representative F/M

Employment contract

Permanent contract

Temporary contract


Bachelor's degree

2/3-year Master's degree


Working week

35 hours

Job description

At Disneyland® Paris, the health and safety of our Cast Members and guests is one of our top priorities: in fact, it is one of the pillars of the magical experience we offer our guests. Working with the experts in the Occupational Health and Safety Division (OHSD), your role is to prepare and conduct prevention and awareness initiatives targeting the key challenges of all our professions. This position requires a rigorous attitude, analytical abilities and good listening and training skills.


Your day-to-day responsibilities


  • providing advice and support to the company’s divisions on all matters concerning workplace hygiene, health and safety
  • ensuring follow-up and analysis of all workplace accidents and recommending corrective measures
  • scheduling and running Safety Management Systems
  • ensuring the application of any regulatory measures in effect in your sector
  • coordinating and providing support for the implementation of occupational risk prevention campaigns and projects  (i.e. ergonomics, materials handling, noise, vibration)
  • participating in Workplace Health and Safety Committee meetings
  • running training sessions

The key to excellence

  • Detail-oriented To ensure safety in all circumstances

  • Proactive To propose pertinent solutions

  • Reactive To develop or improve measures

  • Good listening skills To provide effective support to Cast Members and management

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