Greeting, Food & Beverage, Sales, Entertainment…find out more about our professions and our recruitment event locations!

50 recruitment events and auditions (and there’s more to come)

  • Permanent or temporary contracts (2-week to 8-month)

  • A huge variety of professions

  • 100nationalities

  • 20different languages spoken by our Cast Members

ACQUIRE An enriching work experience in a unique environment
DISCOVER A leader on the European tourism market
EXPERIENCE AND SHARE Our culture and the Disney Difference

Is your dream job one that is near Paris in a work environment unlike any other? Would you like to put a smile on the face of thousands of visitors from around the world while practicing your foreign language skills?

Every year, we hold recruitment events for jobs in Greeting, Sales and Food & Beverage as well as auditions for positions in Entertainment.

  • Greeting - Sales – Food & Beverage

Our recruitment event season in France and Europe has begun! We are recruiting motivated candidates who want to share the magic of Disneyland Paris. Several types of contracts are available:  from 2-week to 8-month temporary (CDD) contracts, permanent (CDI) contracts or vocational training contracts as part of our Disneyland Paris Learning Program.

  • Entertainment

Short-term “intermittents”, or entertainment worker, contracts are available for certain performing roles. Paid daily wages, our intermittentsare regularly offered temporary (CDI) contracts ranging from 1 day to 8 months.



Working at Europe’s number one tourist destination

Boasting over 320 million visits since 1992, Disneyland® Paris is the most visited tourist destination in Europe. 

The Resort includes two theme parks, 50 exceptional attractions, 7 hotels and Disney Village, an entertainment and leisure area. At every location, we make our guests’ dreams come true. Every day, we strive to bring to life the stories of the great Disney classics, the magic of cinema, animation and television.   

Enjoying, above all, a human experience

  • Enriching encounters and motivated teams

On stage or backstage, our 15,000 Cast Members work to make every guest’s stay a magical, unforgettable experience. Warm and welcoming, you will work with colleagues from around the world (100 nationalities, 20 languages spoken), eager to share their know-how and expertise. This makes working at Disneyland Paris, above all, a human experience with myriad encounters that will enrich your career as well as your personal life.  

* Making dreams come true is a real job

“At Disneyland® Paris, the team spirit is what motivates me! Come join our teams! See you soon! Josephine, Sports & Leisure Hostess

  • An exceptional work setting

You will be working in a pleasant, friendly setting, ideal for immersing our guests into the stories of Walt Disney, passed down from generation to generation.

  • Work/life balance

All our fulltime contracts are for 35 hours per week, which means you enjoy a good work/life balance. Your place of work will be near Paris, allowing you to explore, in your spare time, the capital’s monuments, history and culture.

Receiving support throughout your integration phase

  • Housing solutions

Depending on your work contract, if your permanent address is outside of France or the Ile-de-France region, you will be eligible for various housing solutions.

  • Your training

If you have a temporary (CDD) or permanent (CDI) contract, you will start your Disney career with a 3-day training program called “The Disney Tradition”, telling you all you need to know about the company and its culture.

* Making dreams come true is a real job

“At Disneyland® Paris, I was immersed in a magical world as of Day 1 training! Come join our teams! See you soon! Jeremy, Food & Beverage Employee

Apply and join the number one tourist destination in Europe!

  • Our "Food & Beverage - Greeting - Sales" recruitment events

To join us, take a moment to look at the professions available and apply to one of the recruitment events listed below. Your application will then be read by a Recruitment Representative.  

If you are selected, you will receive an invitation by email. On the day of the event, you will have a recruitment interview and time to ask any questions you might have.

More information is available on social media via the hashtag #mycastingtour (EN) #moncastingtour (FR)


  • Our "Entertainment" recruitment sessions

Open auditions

For positions in Entertainment (dancers, Characters and Parade…), auditions are held throughout the year and are open to the public. You do not need to apply beforehand. Just show up at the audition location on the scheduled date.  

Auditions on invitation

Some of our auditions require a prior application and selection process before the event. In this case, apply directly on our recruitment site.  

More information is available on the following pages: our Performer auditions and our Character and Parade auditions.

Who is eligible to apply?

You must be at least 18 years old
You must have valid documents to work legally in France
You must be comfortable speaking both French and English
We have job openings in many different professions!

food & beverage:

  • waiter / waitress 

  • Commis de cuisine M/F

  • dishwasher M/F

  • food & beverage employee M/F


  • BOUTIQUE salesperson M/F



  • ATTRACTION operator - host / hostess


  • ticketing host / hostess


  • character and  PARADE M/F

  • actor / actress

  • singer M/F

  • Dancer M/F

  • Stage director M/F

  • wigmaker M/F

  • musician M/F

  • choreographer M/F


  • sound, light or special effects technician M/F

  • stagehand M/F

  • etc...