Restaurant chef F/M

Employment contract

Permanent contract

Temporary contract


Vocational High School Diploma

Working week

35 hours

Job description

At one of the 55 Disneyland® Paris restaurants, from fast food to fine dining, quality and excellent service are the keys to success. Your role will be to manage your team and offer Guests an unforgettable moment. Your experience, savoir-faire and creativity will help you rise to the challenge of satisfying a clientele from every corner of the globe, every day!

Your day-to-day responsibilities

  • Developing themed menus in keeping with your restaurant’s universe and based on a wide range of fresh products and ingredients
  • Managing large volumes of food  
  • Delivering the finest quality service
  • Overseeing a team of 15 to 100 people

The key to excellence

  • Experienced To work in the hotels or parks

  • Inventive To develop new dishes

  • Determined To manage your team

  • Demanding To ensure high quality service

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