Compte tenu de la situation sanitaire actuelle en Europe, notre Destination n’ouvrira pas le 13 février prochain, comme annoncé précédemment.

Si les conditions le permettent, nous rouvrirons Disneyland Paris le 2 avril 2021.

Nous sommes impatients de pouvoir vous accueillir à nouveau lors de notre réouverture.

Restez informés en vous rendant régulièrement sur ce site. Vous pouvez également nous suivre sur nos réseaux sociaux :  

Nous vous remercions de votre fidélité et de votre compréhension pendant cette période difficile. 

Dernière actualisation : [18/01/2021 16h00] 


Due to the prevailing conditions in Europe, our Destination will not reopen on February 13 as initially planned.

If conditions permit, we will reopen Disneyland Paris on April 2, 2021.

Please check back on this website for regular updates. You can also follow us on our Social Media:  

We thank you for your continued loyalty and understanding during this difficult period. 

Last Update : [01/18/2021 16:00 PM] 


Stage Manager F/M

Employment contract


Permanent contract

Temporary contract


Bachelor's degree

2-year College Degree

High School Diploma

2/3-year Master's degree

1-year Master's degree

Working week

35 hours


The shows at Disneyland® Paris are recognized for their creativity, technical innovation and artistic quality.  As stage manager, you will play an integral part in bringing Disney magic alive for our Guests.  Your role is to set up and supervise the logistic and technical organisation of shows and concerts, as well as events, both indoors and outdoors. You will work in close collaboration with a variety of professionals: choreographers, producers, show designers, directors, people from technical, artistic and administrative departments. Hours vary according to the show schedule and can involve travel away from home. This position requires good communication and stress management skills, availability, flexibility and a positive attitude!



Your day-to-day responsibilities

  • Ensuring implementation, follow-up and coordination of manpower, material and technical means to ensure quality shows
  • Coordinating the work of various departments
  • Rigorously respecting and ensuring the respect of all regulations that guarantee our Guests’ peace of mind (employee and venue safety, venue cleanliness)
  • Providing attentive, hands-on management and handling any unexpected situations

We are looking for candidates with

  • An A-Level/BAC, or equivelent, up to a Masters degree in technical theatre specialities  (sound, lighting, sets)
  • Knowledge of entertainment professions (technical and artistic) and related safety and labour regulations
  • At least 2 years’ experience in stage management
  • Organisational and team management skills

The key to excellence

  • Rigorous To respect procedures

  • Leadership To coordinate teams

  • Flexible To adapt to changing schedules

  • Dynamic To coordinate various departments

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