Stage Technician F/M

Employment contract

Permanent contract

Temporary contract


Vocational High School Diploma


Working week

35 hours

Job description

Disneyland® Paris offers Guests a wide range of lavish productions and events.

Working on a team reporting to the Stage Manager, you will be part of the magic on one of the many Disney® Park stages.

At the heart of the action, backstage and on stage, your role will be to position scenery and props before, during and between performances.

In addition to your know-how  in carpentry, metal working, upholstering, etc., this position requires good physical condition to carry heavy loads and certification to operate machinery. Working hours vary according to the needs of the show, including weekends, holidays and evenings. Personal protection equipment and appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

  • Assembling and installing sets according to production and performance needs
  • Respecting safety instructions
  • Using a computerized machinery system and assembling structures on stage
  • Moving props and sets for scene changes according to cues
  • Monitoring entrances and exits of performers during shows
  • Perfoming basic maintenance on stage equipment

We are looking for candidates with

  • CAP/BEP in carpentry or metal working or equivalent 2-year degree
  • DTMS (Entertainment Technician Diploma)
  • Professional experience in the entertainment field is a plus
  • One or more Safe Machine Operating Certificates (CACES) – subject to periodic medical exams -  may be required
  • Computer skills are a plus
  • Rigour, stamina and respect of safety rules
  • Good physical condition (heavy load carrying)

The key to excellence

  • Versatile To meet the needs of different shows

  • Attentive To ensure the safety of all

  • Reliable To respect cues during shows

  • Rigorous In your daily work

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