Student and Graduates Careers at Disneyland® Paris

Disneyland Paris develops tomorrow’s talent.

Join us and begin your professional career in one of our 500 professions.

Young candidates that join us work in a multicultural environment, benefit from our training programmes and enjoy many opportunities for advancement.

They acquire know-how that is recognized worldwide.

Discover our offers for work-study, apprenticeships, internships and student jobs… and all our advice on how to prepare your application and apply!

400 part-time contracts signed every year
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650 apprentices
1000 interns of which 500 are compensated
20 languages are spoken
500 professions
  • Step 1

    Our professions

    I look into which professions correspond to my skills and I decide which one interests me the most.
    I find out more about Disneyland Paris.

    The job offers

    I look through the job offers and recruitment sessions carefully. I choose those that best match my profile.

  • Step 2

    Applying for a job

    I apply for a job offer or recruitment session by submitting my completed application (CV, letter and photocopy of ID). My application is then reviewed by a recruitment rep. If my application is approved, I am invited to an interview or preselected for a recruitment session.

    My selection

    If I apply for a recruitment session, I receive an invitation by email to participate in the event where I am interviewed for a job.
    If I apply for a job offer that corresponds to my profile, I am called directly for an interview.

  • Step 3

    The response

    My application is selected and a job corresponds to my profile, I am offered a contract.
    For certain professions: if no position is available for the moment, my application is placed on hold (for a few weeks to a few months).
    If my application is not selected, I receive an email within 3 weeks.

    Joining the company

    I am invited to come sign my contract. I receive all the information I need about my company orientation. Let the magic begin!

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