Engineering and Technical assistance Careers at Disneyland® Paris

Join our teams of engineers and technicians and be a part of the magic.

Maintain and renovate our attractions, safeguard their operation, imagine technical solutions to ensure and enhance the Disney experience…

At Disneyland Paris, you will work on unique projects calling on a variety of know how (mechanical, electrotechnical, plastics…) while developing your skills and your versatility, the motivating keys for career advancement.

1,600 experts
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90% of our Cast Members follow a training program every year
135  trades
59 attractions
100 engineers
  • Step 1

    Our professions

    I look into which professions correspond to my education and skills. I find out more about Disneyland Paris and its current activities.

    The job offers

    I look through the job offers carefully. I select offers that interest me and correspond to my skills.

  • Step 2

    Applying for a job

    I complete and submit my application (CV and letter). A recruitment rep reviews my application and sends me a response within 2 weeks.

    Getting selected

    If my application is approved, I am contacted for a telephone interview.
    After reviewing my candidacy, I am invited for one or more interviews with recruitment reps and managers.

  • Step 3

    Job proposal

    I am selected.
    If my profile matches the job offer in question, I am offered a contract.
    Otherwise, it is kept in the talent pool to be matched to a future job offer.

    The job is mine

    I complete the administrative formalities and sign my contract.
    I receive information concerning my orientation programme.

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