Tips from a self-taught musician

Cast Member experience

Music has always had a starring role in the world of Disney, from the hit tunes in its animated films to the timeless songs played in Disney theme park attractions and shows.


At Disneyland® Paris, the days march to the beat of Orchestra Conductor Robert Fienga, and Musical Director, Vasile Sirli. Every day, 37 musicians play few songs among the 3000 melodies in their repertory, entertaining music-lovers throughout the Parks. One of these music-makers is Jean-Marc Charrel, a self-taught musician who encourages all of us to learn a musical instrument on our own.


  • 1) Define an artistic goal and the steps needed to reach it. Since there is no teacher, you must be disciplined to focus on one type of music, to be able to learn and develop its specific language.
  • 2) Choose the instrument that corresponds to your goal. Some instruments are easier (and quicker) to learn, such as the piano or guitar.
  • 3) You have to be perseverant. Regular practice is essential, like learning a foreign language.
  • 4) And the most important thing: have fun! You have to want to learn. Once you have the basic skills, why not play with other people? Motivation is the key to success.