4 questions for Daniel Dreux, Human Resources Vice President


4 questions for Daniel Dreux, Human Resources Vice President , Euro Disney Associés SCA.


Your slogan is “Making dreams come true is a real job”. How is this reflected in the Disneyland® Paris HR policy?

Our company’s number one priority is making our Guests’ dreams come true and offering a wonderful experience. That is why every Cast Member, whether they work backstage or in our Parks, contributes to making Disneyland® Paris the best it can be, fulfilling the dreams of its Guests. This mission must inspire and motivate Cast Members, personally and collectively. At Disneyland® Paris, we always talk in terms of teams, because what counts is the collective result. The role and responsibility of the HR team and its managers is to support Cast Members in their respective roles. The HR team is at the service of the company and Cast Members. We perform our mission in line with company values: caring, helping each other and collaboration.


And how do you make candidates’ “dreams come true”?

“Making dreams come true is a real job”... and it is also the job of recruitment teams to make their candidates’ dreams come true! Therefore, our approach to recruitment reflects the work environment as closely as possible, providing candidates with the “Disney experience” wherever they may be. We bring recruitment events to their home towns or regions throughout France and Europe, so they can learn more about us from a detailed company presentation, face-to-face encounters with Cast Members from the job sectors that interest them and a job-specific interview with our recruitment teams.


What makes Disneyland® Paris a great place to work?

Disneyland® Paris is one of the rare employers to have such a strong brand and product, where everyone has an exceptional common objective - “making dreams come true” for Guests of all ages! Five hundred professions strong, we offer the highest quality welcome, propose innovative services and offer a bit of magic to every Guest. Whether they be operational or support-oriented, all the Cast Members work on one and the same site, very close to the product and to Guests. Our teams can see the results of their work on a daily basis. We promote internal mobility, providing rich and varied careers within a single company, on a single site. That alone is fairly exceptional. And there’s more: the diversity of profiles, nationalities, cultures of our Cast Members is a priceless asset. Finally, belonging to The Walt Disney Company reinforces the international dimension of our daily life.  Our Cast Members can even enjoy a work experience abroad or collaborate on projects that span the globe. 


Disneyland® Paris has always opened the door to young people: why this commitment?

Disneyland® Paris believes that young people deserve special attention: our Cast Members are part of the generation which grew up with the Disney universe, whatever their home country or culture. The product has a special place in their hearts and, by extension, so does the company. And their job enables them to communicate this magic to our Guests. Our recruitment policy features the know-how and committment of our colleagues, enabling young people to acquire job-related skills and savoir-faire. We believe that everyone has talent - personality, career, creativity, sense of initiative - and we will do our best to help them develop their qualities. We are proud to give young and unemployed people a chance to work (in the greeting, food & beverage, hosting professions), without any degrees or experience. In fact, every year Disneyland® Paris accepts 1000 interns - 500 on paying contracts -, 650 apprentices throughout our professions and over 400 permanent 16-hour weekend contracts (for students). We are also developing “Disneyland Paris Learning Programs” contracts which offer a job together with language and professional skills training. All the young people we recruit enjoy the same integration programme as other company employees. They also benefit from the support of a mentor who guides them in their first steps at Disneyland ® Paris.