Candide, in charge of the Artistic Distribution, shares her experience


For the last 8 years, Candide Ohannessian has worked for the Resort’s special events team within the performing arts recruitment department. She tells us about her role leading the Artistic Distribution team at Disneyland® Paris.

  • Candide, could you explain your role at Disneyland Paris?

I’m in charge of the artistic programming and booking our performers, depending on the requirements we have across the Resort (Parks, Hotels, Disney Village®), conventions and other events.


  • Who do you work with on a daily basis?

I work with sales representatives for private events and events directors, who select performers from our artist catalogue for festivals, seasons or themed evening events (Halloween, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, etc).

Our audiences vary with every context; I could be working with a family organizing a birthday or wedding, and then working with a variety of businesses and their employees for conventions.


  • What does a typical day involve for you?

A typical day involves flicking through our artist catalogue, identifying performers, or researching externally to enrich our talent database.  I establish artistic budgets, linking them to technical data sheets which are essential to set up an event.  I’m also committed to liaising with performers directly for programs and also answering applications from companies that present their latest creations to us. 


  • What type of artists and performers do you recruit?

We recruit artists from a variety of backgrounds: from the magic of music, to circus entertainers, dancers, performers from musicals or those in visual arts and design.  We’ve recently hired artists from the digital sector, a new channel of artistic expression that our audience greatly enjoys.  We base our criteria on the environment the artists will evolve in and the quality of their performance.


  • How do you source your artists?

We work a great deal within our network and are often contacted by various artistic disciplines.  We participate in many festivals in France and Europe where you can find a rich talent pool of artists, especially street artists (stilt-walkers, musicians, comedians, circus artists and acrobats).  We also use our social media platforms enormously, which are also very popular with artists.

  • Which event have you enjoyed organizing the most?

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fiesta Latina festival in Disney Village®.  For me, it was a challenge to propose a festive program including such a variety of arts, like music and dance, all linked to the theme.  I worked with many internal partners and contacts, particularly in our production and communications teams.  What I most enjoyed was collaborating with everyone in those roles. The event brought waves of visitors and their enthusiasm gave me great personal satisfaction.