Character and Parade Audition: what to expect and how to prepare

Advice & coaching

To meet the needs of Disney Parks, the Artistic Recruitment teams audition candidates all year round throughout France and in other countries, for their talent pool of entertainers and parade performers. Join the Entertainment team and bring the Disney difference alive! What is a Character and Parade audition like? Read on…

Open auditions with no registration required are held once a month in Paris, once or twice a month in Europe and occasionally in other continents. These enable Disneyland® Paris to identify people who correspond to one of the many profiles. Good physical condition is required to make our guests’ dreams come true, day after day.  

The audition begins by welcoming the candidates, followed by a presentation of the various jobs available, working conditions and a summary of how the audition will take place. After a few formalities, the physical exercises begin.  

The first part, acting, allows us to select candidates with the energy and imagination we need. The most motivated individuals will have every chance of being selected. If you are enthusiastic, dynamic and eager to participate, you have the keys to a successful audition.

The second part, choreography, allows us to assess the level of dance technique. We are not only looking for professional dancers, but you must know basic technique to be selected for the parade.

A motivation interview completes the day. During this final stage we will ask for your CV and a photocopy of your ID. This enables the recruiters to see your profile in more detail and, for non-French candidates, to test your level of spoken French and/or English.


  • Get a good night’s sleep before the audition.

Good physical condition is essential. Being well rested will help you to give your best performance.


  • Dress for success.

Avoid oversized or layered clothing that can hinder your movements and hide your body. Wear clothing that allows you to move easily.


  • Be punctual, spontaneous and creative.

It is very important to be on time for the audition, to respect our timing and organisation. Also, the recruitment teams like to see candidates who are eager to learn and let their personality show through during the various exercises.


  • Be available all day for the audition.

Also, remember to bring something to eat during the lunch break in case you are selected for an afternoon interview. There is unsually somewhere near the audition sites to buy food as well.


The auditions are open to everyone, whatever your training or experience. So, what are you waiting for?



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