The curtain rises on Mickey and the Magician


Since July 2, 2016, a new show starring Mickey Mouse is on stage at Walt Disney Studios® Park. Disney magicians like Rafiki, Elsa and Aladdin’s Genie help make Mickey Mouse’s dream come true: becoming a great magician.

The Mickey and the Magician show features original choreography as on-stage performers help the Disney magicians tell their stories and guide Mickey Mouse. Circus arts, modern dance, Broadway-style songs and rhythmic percussion all move the story forward with incredible song and dance numbers. 

It was no easy task for our recruitment teams to scout out the right talents to bring this original story to life. From Paris to London, Madrid to Rome, actors, singers, dancers and more were auditioned starting in early 2016. Dancers had to be particularly versatile, demonstrating excellent tap dancing technique, for example.

To prepare for the show, the entire creative team worked together to set the dance and magic numbers. A total of over 70 artists have performed on stage since the show opened.

Our Casting Directors regularly scout out new performers to add to our talent pool, auditioning in France and throughout Europe… Check our job offers regularly if you too want to join the magical world of Mickey and friends!