Discover Pierre-Edouard's profession as a Compensation & benefits analyst


His first job with the company was F&B head waiter. Today Pierre-Edouard is an Analyst with the Global Compensation department in Human Resources Administration. Here’s the story of his wide-ranging, fast-rising career at Disneyland Paris.



  • Can you tell us more about the various jobs you’ve held at Disneyland Paris?

I started my Disneyland® Paris adventure in 2005 as an apprentice. First, I was hired as F&B head waiter then, two years later, I was given more responsibility with the position of F&B Special Events Team Leader.

At the end of my three-year apprenticeship, I left for Ireland where I took a one-year language course to improve my English. When I returned to France, I wanted to continue my studies in a master’s programme, but in a totally different field: human resources. I had discovered a veritable passion for this new field when I was Team Leader at Disney: being in charge of other people, I was often confronted with HR issues. I applied to Disneyland Paris once more and joined the central reservations office teams as a Planning Analyst, then moved on to become Market Researcher at Human Resources. That is the job where I finished the last year of my master’s degree.

Six months ago, I began another adventure. I was hired as Analyst in the Global Compensation department. My work consists of defining and implementing the Disneyland Paris compensation policy. I must ensure recognition and fair and consistent compensation for all employees. In my team, we question the processes, test their pertinence and change them when necessary. Finally, I work on the annual compensation plans which were negotiated with the social partners.

  • Why did you choose to work at Disneyland Paris?

A better question would be why I chose to stay at Disneyland Paris! Working in this company enabled me, first, to discover a unique and multicultural environment and, second, to finance my studies.  

 What I have always liked, is the way this company offers possibilities for advancement. Every new mission I was given brought additional responsibility. I also liked the support the company offers student workers. When I had to write my thesis at the end of the year, my tutor provided direction and advice and even opened some doors so I could speak with the right people.

Disneyland Paris is truly a magical place where you take a job to “make guests’ dreams come true” whether you are on stage or backstage.

  • What is your best memory of working here?

There are so many! But I guess the very best was during an internal event with my colleagues. We participated in a treasure hunt in both parks. It was a chance to have fun together outside of working hours, and a real chance for team building. But even when we work, there is always a great ambiance (smile).  

  • What advice would you give young people who want to apply at Disneyland Paris?

Working in an operational job is really rewarding and enables your career to advance quickly. To work in these professions you need to enjoy working with the public and the Disney product. As for the support divisions, they all demand a high level of excellence, so the work is interesting and motivating. If I had to give advice to young people who want to apply for a job here: be honest, enthusiastic and, especially, go for it!

  • To conclude: what 3 words would you use to describe your experience at Disneyland Paris?

4 words! Advancement, exceptional ambiance, diversity