The Engineers Behind the Magic...


David Courvoisier, Senior Manager Infrastructures & Buildings, who’s worked at Disneyland Paris since the opening of the Walt Disney Studios® Park…


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“With a background in engineering, there are many doors that open to you at Disneyland Paris.  It’s when you get a glimpse of the technology behind the scenes that you realize how impressive it is; there’s so much to explore as an engineer, which perhaps explains why I’ve been here for 14 years!  Of course, our work involves delivering the magic to our Guests, so we can’t reveal too much…

I currently work supervising the maintenance of our 7 hotels and golf course, however, I began my career at Disney in our bureau d’études.  During this time, I was involved in setting up the second Park at Disneyland Paris, the Walt Disney Studios® Park.  Since then, it’s as if I’ve had four different careers as I’ve moved around the company to various departments; from managing the creation of Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular® to supervising our attractions in the Disneyland Park, I’ve had some great experiences.

Usually, to develop your career further, you change from one company to another, but here it really is possible to evolve and discover new things.

So what’s made me stay at Disney?  I guess part of it is the variety of projects and the uniqueness of the environment and product; it’s a real difference from being sat in a lab or behind a desk all day.  You’re constantly moving around the site, night or day, problem-solving, taking decisions and you’re also given a great deal of responsibility.

We work with some of the industry’s latest equipment and cutting-edge technology: from Disney-designed Audio-Animatronics® to the catapult systems of some of our attractions, not to mention our latest attraction, Ratatouille: The Adventure, which involves huge projectors, 3D technology and complex systems.  Similarly, there are many concepts designed by Disney that are used by different organizations today.  We don’t reveal where these concepts exist in our Parks, but they form part of the immersive storytelling experiences that surround our Guests.

One tip I’d give candidates or new Cast Members is to communicate your hobbies and passion.  Thanks to my experience in motor sport, for example, and participating in car races across the world, I was given the chance to take part in setting up Moteurs… Action ! Stunt Show Spectacular® here in Paris and also in Florida. It was an amazing opportunity!

Engineering is a great foundation for a brilliant career at Disneyland Paris."