The incredible adventures of Javier in a world of opportunities


Javier joined the Entertainment department in December 2015. Without any background in Entertainment, he auditioned for Disneyland® Paris in his hometown Madrid in Spain. He has successfully completed the International Exchange Program at Walt Disney World®. When Javier returned to France he accepted a temporary contract in Guest Relations. After that he rejoined the Entertainment team at the beginning of 2019.

  • Can you tell us about your audition?

I woke-up one day in November and decided to go to an audition. I was wearing jeans, a huge mistake! There is an animation round and a dancing routine. Which was a challenge as I completely blacked out. But I kept smiling and moving. Disneyland Paris offers several types of contracts, one to bring the Magic to life during meet-and-greets in both parks, hotels and restaurants, the other one is for performers on parade. I did not know how to dance, which was not a big deal. Three weeks after my audition I received my contract in my mail and moved to France.

  • How did you adapt to life in France?

The biggest challenge was the language. Once you start speaking French and you see yourself making progress, your life here changes dramatically. It feels great to be independent while doing groceries, getting a haircut or going to the doctor. A big advantage is that you will work with people from all around the world. We can help each other by getting out of our comfort zone while making new friends.

  • What is your advice to anyone who may be considering going to a Disney audition?

Go to the audition with the mindset that you are going to have fun. Disney means a lot to many people. Guests come here with high expectations. It is up to us to match those expectations and go above and beyond to surprise them continuously. You can make a long, everlasting memory for someone every day. I cannot think of any other job in the world that does that.



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