Informations générales pour les candidats et les embauches récentes

Faisant suite à la pandémie sans précédent de COVID-19 et en accord avec les mesures prises par les autorités françaises, Disneyland Paris restera fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

Durant cette période, les sessions de recrutement, auditions, entretiens et formations d’intégration sont suspendus.

Nos services RH sont mobilisés pour contacter, dans les meilleurs délais, les candidats récemment embauchés et censés arriver à partir du 31 mars, ainsi que celles et ceux avec une candidature en cours.


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General information for candidates and recent hires

As a result of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and in line with government measures, Disneyland Paris will remain closed until further notice.

During this period of time, all recruitment/onboarding sessions, auditions and job interviews will be suspended.

Our HR Services will get in touch, as soon as possible, with all candidates recently hired and initially due to work from March 31st onward, as well as those who are currently into the hiring process. 


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Kaïna, a (snow)ball of energy !


Over a million spectators applauded Chantons La Reine des Neiges, a Frozen sing-along on the Chaparral Theater stage at Disneyland® Paris, during its first season in 2015. Back by popular demand, it has been extended and runs for the third consecutive year in summer 2016. We met with Kaïna Blada, the Master of Ceremony of the Park’s coolest seasonal show.

  • Kaïna, how and when did you join Disneyland® Paris?

Hi! I joined Disneyland Paris in June 2015 to play the role of Greta, Master of Ceremony for the show, accompanied by a second Master of Ceremony, Eric.

I had seen an audition announcement on the Disneyland Paris recruitment site and decided to apply by email (CV, photos, demo). I was contacted to come to a first audition (performing a song of my choice), followed by a call-back (presenting a monologue in French and English and performing a required song). After this second audition, I was selected to join a workshop of memorisation exercises and stage performance. Then, three weeks later, I received the answer: I got the role !


  • Tell us about your performing background.                                        

I enrolled in a dramatic arts school, the Studio International Vanina Mareschal, when I was 19 years old. There, I took theatre arts, voice and dance classes, hoping to become a professional performer in theatre, musical theatre, etc. During my training, I was lucky to get some professional experience, namely by doing voice-overs for Disney Feld Entertainment characters. Shortly afterwards, I was cast in my first roles in stage musicals.

After three years of training, I was cast in the Kid Manoir 2: La malédiction du Pharaon at the 2013 Festival Off in Avignon. Then I joined the cast of Aladdin the Musical in October 2015, just after my first season of Chantons La Reine des Neiges in June 2015. So this summer is my second season at Disneyland Paris.


  • What is a typical day for you at work?

I always arrive on time, punctuality is essential. I start in the morning by warming up my voice for half an hour with my partner, usually assisted by our voice coach. Then I head for the Cosmetology department where I put my makeup on myself, then have my hair done. I get the bottom layer of my costume at Costuming (tights, leotard…). Then dressers help me put on the rest of my costume before I am fitted with audio equipment to do sound checks on stage.

Everything is very organised and timed down to the minute, I must respect a very tight schedule to complete all my daily tasks and help the team run smoothly. At the end of every show, a debriefing helps me to improve my performance for the next time.


  • What qualities are needed to be Master of Ceremony?

You need huge amounts of energy and must be very generous with the audience. The role of Master of Ceremony is to grab the audience’s attention, make them want to sing with us. You need to be very cheerful and outgoing. You have to adapt to the public, who can be quiet or very enthusiastic. A healthy lifestyle and excellent vocal technique are both prerequisites for this job. It takes endurance, knowing how to pace your voice to manage the workload of 3 to 4 shows in one day.


  • What is the difference between being a Singer-Actress in a musical and being Master of Ceremony at Disneyland Paris?

It is very different, because there are not the same expectations. At Disneyland Paris, I am responsible for the energy and pace of the show. I have to carry the audience from start to finish, maintaining their enthusiasm for 20 minutes because I am always on stage. In a musical that can last for 90 minutes, I only have one role to play and can sometimes rest in the wings.

At Disneyland Paris, the pace is more intense, but on the other hand, I love working in this setting and seeing the children’s eyes light up when I arrive on stage. That alone is priceless.  


  • What have you learned from your Disneyland Paris experience? Has it influenced how you sing and express yourself on stage?

After two seasons, I have realized that Disney expects a lot from its performers and wants to offer the highest quality entertainment to its guests. That means my lifestyle had to be irreproachable so that I was ready for any emergency, like replacing a sick colleague.

As an unconditional Disney fan, I really wanted to perform in one of the Park shows. I discovered a warm, supportive ambiance, like a second family. If I get the chance, I would love to come back for another show.



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