Our tips for preparing your job interview

Advice & coaching

Once your application has been retained, you will be scheduled for an interview (individual or with another candidate). There’s no reason to panic! The secret to a successful interview is being prepared. You want to be as comfortable as possible in front of the recruiters. The day of the interview, they will focus mainly on your personal conduct and motivation. Here are a few tips for putting your best foot forward!


Before your interview

Find out as much as you can about Disneyland® Paris

Before your interview, start stocking up on information. The first question you should ask yourself (and be able to answer), is why did you choose to Disneyland® Paris rather than another company? Did you know, for example, that Disneyland Paris is Europe’s number one tourist destination? That 15,000 people work here in some 500 different professions? Explore the content of the Careers site, the mobile app, as well as Facebook and Twitter to get a better overall idea. 

Learn to highlight your strong points through an experience

You don’t have any professional experience? Don’t worry: you are applying for an internship or an apprenticeship, the recruiters are well aware that you are at school or have just graduated. You are here to learn. What they are looking for is, above all, the right attitude, personal conduct and motivation to give the best of yourself. Be ready to share with them a personal, school-related or extracurricular experience in which you excelled. This type of experience is just as important as work experience because it helped you develop qualities and skills that can be a real asset for your future job.

Find out about the profession you applied for

While recruiters appreciate your Disney brand and product knowledge, your application is for a specific job within the company. Looking for information related to that profession at Disneyland Paris can make all the difference during your interview. For example, you are applying for an apprenticeship as a cook, watch the video of Kimberly, apprentice Commis de Cuisine on the Casting site, and find out more about the Food & Beverage division at Disneyland Paris. Did you know there are 55 restaurants at Disneyland Paris? Can you name a few? Do you know the diffeerent types of food service available at the Resort? This kind of information can come in handy during your interview.

The day of the interview

Interviews are sometimes for two candidates at a time, a chance to let your communication talents shine!

Interviews at  Disneyland Paris can be held for two candidates at a time, especially for 16-hour open-ended contracts or seasonal contracts. You will sit next to another candidate who will be interviewed at the same time as you. Even if you are applying for the same position, don’t worry, you are not competing for the job, we have enough contracts for both of you! A two-person interview enables the recruiter to evaluate each candidate individually as well as assessing your interpersonal skills. You will stand out by expressing yourself well whenever it’s your turn to speak: your ability to listen and react to what others say is also important. The interview is an exchange, not a competition!

A word to the wise: appearances count. The first 30 seconds of an interview are crucial: how you dress is a big part of the first impression you give the recruiter. It is important to be yourself, but avoid overly casual clothing and attitudes. The recruiter could think that you don’t take this interview seriously. Wear comfortable, professional-looking clothes and stay focused on your objective.

And remember: if you were called for an interview, it is because our recruiters want to meet you!