Informations générales pour les candidats et les embauches récentes

Faisant suite à la pandémie sans précédent de COVID-19 et en accord avec les mesures prises par les autorités françaises, Disneyland Paris restera fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

Durant cette période, les sessions de recrutement, auditions, entretiens et formations d’intégration sont suspendus.

Nos services RH sont mobilisés pour contacter, dans les meilleurs délais, les candidats récemment embauchés et censés arriver à partir du 31 mars, ainsi que celles et ceux avec une candidature en cours.


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General information for candidates and recent hires

As a result of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and in line with government measures, Disneyland Paris will remain closed until further notice.

During this period of time, all recruitment/onboarding sessions, auditions and job interviews will be suspended.

Our HR Services will get in touch, as soon as possible, with all candidates recently hired and initially due to work from March 31st onward, as well as those who are currently into the hiring process. 


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Performing at Disneyland® Paris, an exceptional adventure !

Advice & coaching

Every Disney performer is an integral part of a magical, multi-facetted world. Musicians, dancers, singers, acrobats, puppeteers, actors, they all share the same mission: enchanting the child inside every guest.
On stage, along the paths in the Parks, at Disney Village®, our hotels or convention centres… it is show time, all the time, everywhere!


When you join the Disneyland® Paris troupe, you inherit a legacy and a spirit. You join an international community of performers from different horizons and with multiple talents and skills.

You enjoy the benefits of an entertainment company with exceptional technical, human and artistic means, and world-famous standards of excellence.

Here, the entertainment programme is continually changing, offering new roles and new projects. And most importantly, Disneyland Paris is a life experience.

If you dream of joining this troupe, many auditions are held throughout the year offering you the opportunity to perform on our stages or for exceptional events.

Laurent Barillot, Entertainment Recruitment Team Manager, advises all candidates to prepare their audition carefully. Practice your musical score, work on your monologue… preparation is essential. It enables you to relax on the day of the audition and give your very best. It will also show the jury that you are motivated, professional and willing to take direction from them. Don’t worry if your vision is not exactly what the director wants, the important thing is to show your talent.

Dancers must have good levels of classical and jazz dance technique and occasionally tap dancing as well. Your energy and enthusiasm are also important factors.





Singers are generally asked to have pop style singing technique, with various vocal ranges depending on the roles available. You must be able to sing in English to perform for international audiences at Disneyland Paris.

Our acrobats must have excellent gymnastic skills, combined with acrobatic techniques. Depending on the show, the gymnast may be asked to do floor work, trampoline, high bar and, very often, aerial acrobatics.

“At Disneyland Paris, we strive to offer our performers the best working conditions possible,” tells Laurent. “The performers we select are aware that they can be called on for a variety of roles and shows. This can often be a springboard for young talents.”