A royal dressmaker


She has been making our Disney princess dresses–and little girls’ dreams– for twenty years. Luciana Frisoni, designer-seamstress, tells us more about her job.



  • What did you do before working at Disneyland® Paris?

I worked at the Paris opera house and for Madame Grès, a specialist in fabric folding. I was then a seamstress for a big Parisian cabaret, making the costumes for the dancers.  


  • Why did you choose Disneyland® Paris?

At first, I wasn’t sure I would like a company like Disneyland® Paris. I like to be on the move and I was afraid I would get bored in a large structure. But, I had a friend who worked here and said I should give it a try. When I arrived, over 20 years ago, I worked at the sewing workshop, making stage costumes. But I knew my skills weren’t being used to their fullest. I talked with my manager and told him I wanted to show what I could do. I was pretty convincing, because he gave me a model and I started making a costume.


  • What do you like about making Disney princess dresses?

The Disney princess dresses make young–and not so young–girls dream.  It’s true that I get real pleasure from making them, because there is still a little girl deep down inside me.


  • Why did you want to become a seamstress?

My mother was a seamstress in Italy, but she never pushed me to follow in her footsteps.  For her, it is a profession without much future. When my parents started seeing my costumes on television, they finally understood that I had been right to stick with it.


  • How would you sum up your career at Disneyland Paris?

My career at Disney has been a satisfying one. I get along well with my princesses, I sometimes even dream about them at night !