Service Award, a tradition that celebrates Cast Member milestones


The Service Award recognition programme pays tribute to Disneyland® Paris Cast Members for their company loyalty. It is a tradition at the heart of our company culture!

This tradition dates back to the 10th anniversary of the first park in California

It all started on July 18, 1965 when Walt Disney was organising a gala event to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Disneyland in California. Walt and Roy Disney thanked the Cast Members personally in a speech looking back over the first ten years: 

“As I have always said [...] we need men and women to operate this business. You were the heart and soul that sustain our business. And we're very grateful; we congratulate you for the excellent work you have all provided during these 10 years." - Roy Disney

"I join my brother Roy to thank you all; all of you who helped make the Disneyland dream a reality." - Walt Disney

Today, this award has become a cherished tradition across every sector of The Walt Disney Company, presented during a special, festive event held in honour of our Cast Members and their loyal service.

In order to symbolise each step of their career within our group, they receive a (hand-sculpted) bronze statuette depending on how long they’ve been with the company. Cast Members who are celebrating their first and fifth year with the company are also part of the Service Award programme and receive a pin that clips onto their nametag.

    See the different statuettes and pins awarded for Cast Member loyalty milestones



    The 2019 Service Awards

    On November 20th and 21st, we will be celebrating the milestones of 1346 Cast Members:

    • 314 Cast Members are celebrating 10 years with the company,
    • 421 Cast Members are celebrating 15 years with the company,
    • 348 Cast Members are celebrating 20 years with the company,
    • 223 Cast Members are celebrating 25 years with the company,
    • 27 Cast Members are celebrating 30 years with the company. 

    The ceremony will be followed by a special Cast Member party, check back soon for full photo coverage! 

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