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Our company’s cutting-edge techniques and technologies create magical experiences for our guests and Cast Members (Disneyland Paris employees). To meet the needs of our Resort—and the expansion of Walt Disney Studios Park—our Technical Services continue to recruit new talents!


Electromechanical, electrical, audio & video, automated systems… come be a part of the corrective and preventive maintenance of our attractions, ensuring guest safety and smooth running of our technical installations. At Disneyland Paris, your work can take you anywhere from Audio-Animatronics® to the catapult system of Space Mountain.

Automotive or decor painting offer a host of exciting projects, including bodywork maintenance on the Dumbo The Flying Elephant attraction or the gilding found in our two Parks. You will work in our Central Shop alongside mechanics, woodworkers, boilermakers, lathe and milling machine operators, engineers, laminators and more.


Woodworking, plumbing, locksmith work, electricity, painting, HVAC, masonry…a full set of maintenance skills on a single site. Imagine, no more wasted time looking for reinforcements or travelling long distances from one repair job to the next!

Plus, for each team, a variety of worksites and missions keeps things interesting:

  • Our “Kitchen” hub (25 permanent food service venues, 1800 kitchen appliances, 30 Food Carts, etc.)
  • Our “Electricity” hub (40 high voltage sub-stations, 1400 electrical cabinets and several thousand lighting fixtures, etc.)
  • Our “Fluids” hub (Water treatment facility, power plant, 60 km rainwater system, 2500 manholes and gratings, etc.)
  • Our Building Maintenance hub (100,000 m² of backstage area, 151,000 m² of roofing, etc.)
  • Our Disney Village maintenance hub (450 kitchen appliances, 8 high voltage substations, 43,000 m² of roofing, etc.)
  • Our “Support” hub (850 regulatory checkpoints, 968 meters to monitor energy use for the Parks, Disney Village and Hotels, etc.)


Our destination also has technical design offices dedicated to various fields including mechanics, electricity, civil engineering and cybersecurity. Our engineers are in the front lines to find urgent solutions as well as make long-term modifications. You will have the satisfaction of seeing the results of your work, its impact on business and changes over time.

Our destination offers a constant stream of challenging projects. For example, as technical engineer, you could work on vehicles in Les Voyages de Pinocchio attraction equipped with scrutineers to ensure safe movement, or those of Autopia which have a braking system that combines GPS and an ultrasound sensor to prevent collisions.


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