Technicians, veritable actors in the Disney Dreams®! show

Creativity and innovation


Voted best show of the year 2012, Disney Dreams® ! lights up the Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant every night with a montage of favourite Disney stories.

Hidden behind the scenes of lasers, projectors, fireworks and fountains are men and women who work to enchant and amaze our guests. They are the lighting technicians, stage managers and SFX (special effects) technicians.

DLP by Night opens the doors to the control room where Entertainment teams make Disney Dreams®! come alive. Ben Spalding, Production Manager, shows us how the magic is made.



  • 18 months to design
  • 6 weeks to prepare
  • 4 lasers
  • 16 video projectors
  • 5 flame generators
  • Around 50 firework installations
  • 10 technicians in the control room every day