From trainee to cosmetologist and hairdresser


Mégane shares her experience and evolution as cosmetologist and hairdresser at Disneyland Paris.


  • Can you tell us more about your career?

After attending a general school curriculum for two years, I successfully graduated from the Maria Goretti institute in Belgium after 6 years. Here I learned how to apply make-up and to style hair and wigs. My final year of training gave me the opportunity to do an internship for one month at Disneyland Paris, thanks to a partnership with my school. Later I was offered temporary contract for the summer and then a permanent contract.

  • Can you describe your training during your evolution at Disneyland Paris?

During the internship we were well supervised, each of us had a tutor who guided us and answered all our questions. After I received my permanent contract, I was supported by my colleagues and team leaders when I needed help.

  • What is your daily job like as a make-up artist and hairdresser?

My daily job is to style and maintain a wig and apply make-up on the faces of our performers. Before I applied make-up for the Parades, I received several formations and intensive training followed by a test. Once I passed, I was able to work on my own. It is a mix between different practices: the fitting of prosthetics, proper wig positioning, managing stocks… It is important to always remain very flexible and adaptable.

  • Can you tell us about the shows you worked for?

During the first week of my internship I have learned the fundaments of assisting during various shows. I learned a lot from observing Mickey and the Magician before I started to work for Disney Stars on Parade, where I still work today. Soon I will begin working on another exciting show: Disney’s Christmas Parade.

  • Why did you choose to join Disneyland Paris?

I think that Disneyland Paris is an amazing place to learn, especially to start a career. I easily forget the time because I love my job very much, I am passionate about it. The team is awesome… We always work in a joyous atmosphere.

  • What are your aspirations for the future?

I would like to work on different shows and continue to improve myself. I already see a big difference compared to when I arrived, that is why I want to continue to grow in my professional career and climb up on the professional ladder and pass on my knowledge to the future cast members.