Variety Artist F/M

Employment contract




Working week

35 hours


At Disneyland® Paris, innovation, creativity and a huge variety of entertainment gives everyone an opportunity to let their talent shine. Whether you are a traditional or contemporary circus performer or a talented cabaret act - magician, juggler, acrobat, tightrope walker, comedian, hula hoop artist, etc. - you will be performing at the heart of Europe’s number one tourist destination within the Parks, Disney Village, the hotels or convention centres. This position requires creative spirit, technical competence and stage presence.


  • Alone or with a troupe, performing your act as part of street entertainment, stage shows, close-up numbers during one-off events, etc.
  • Adapting your act to various audiences (children, adults, etc) and settings (indoors or outdoors)

we are seeking candidates with

  • Excellent physical condition
  • People skills for interaction with children and/or adults during close-up entertainment
  • technical proficiency of your act is a must
  • Stage experience (required)
  • Adaptability, energy, stage presence
  • One or more foreign languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian…) for close-ups or speaking stage roles


The key to excellence

  • Creative In crafting and performing your act

  • Outstanding To elicit admiration

  • Methodical To leave no detail of your performance to chance

  • Reactive To adapt to your audience and the event

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