Your global compensation


Disneyland® Paris has established a global compensation plan that offers a variety of advantages to its employees, creating an environment that encourages career development and improves quality of life in the workplace.



Individual compensation varies depending on your position, profile and team size.

Cast Members in charge of a team receive 5% (team leaders) to 10% and 25% (managers and senior managers) of their annual compensation as a bonus.

In addition, as of the 36th hour worked in the same week, non-management employees can either recover time off or be paid overtime.

Whatever your job, in addition to your salary, Cast Members receive a bonus equal to a 13th month’s salary(*). Conventional bonuses are paid according to your activity (ex. Night premium, on-call allowance…).

(*) as per contract provisions 


career development

Cast Members begin their Disneyland Paris career with two training days : « Disney Traditions » and « Welcome to Disneyland Paris ». 

Then, you participate in work location training as well as job-related training sessions

Throughout your career, you benefit from training designed to help you develop your skills and learn new ones.

More informations : Your onboarding journey at Disneyland Paris 


We contribute 60% of the cost of complementary health and life insurance for Cast Members, and 50% of your complementary retirement fund.         


A Disneyland® Paris savings plan offers Cast Members two possibilities: the company savings plan (PEE) and the company retirement savings plan (PERCO). Depending on the amount of your deposits, you can benefit from matching contributions of up to €1000 per year from the company."

(*) as per contract provisions


The CET enables Cast Members to make deposits into their PERCO or finance any periods not worked.                                            


  • Disneyland® Paris provides 19 company restaurants in which 60% of meal costs are subsidized. The company reimburses 80% of public transportation costs between home and the workplace.  
  • Disneyland® Paris offers its Cast Members many exclusive advantages (free entry into the Parks, discounts in the boutiques, restaurants and hotels as well as at many partner establishments, on-site dry cleaner, young child allowance).
  • 12 recognition programmes honour Cast Members for their commitment and loyalty, for example : The Walt Disney Legacy Award
  • Many events are organised throughout the year to enable Cast Members to enjoy the Disney ambiance and culture.
  • Finally, Cast Members can participate in our environmental policy or get involved in various charity initiatives with us.