Your onboarding journey at Disneyland® Paris

Joining the company

Congratulations, you’ve been hired! What’s next? All Cast Members are invited to several days of company orientation, designed especially to help you adapt to your new position and your new life as a Cast Member.

You will meet various Disneyland® Paris teams and trainers and can ask any questions you need answered before beginning work at your new job.

Follow the guide!


When you arrive, no matter what your profession (sales, greeting, hotels, food & beverage, marketing, etc.) all Cast Members have 2 days of company orientation.

  • « Disney Traditions » day: you will learn about the values and culture that motivate 16,500 Cast Members and Disney employees world-wide. You will be introduced to the philosophy and history of a company unlike any other, to the personality of its founder, his boundless imagination and the universe he created, as well as the Group’s creative presence in the world today.  
  • « Welcome to Disneyland Paris » day: this training session provides safety-related information about our company, the work environment and the workplace of newly hired Cast Members. It gives them an overview of the company, the Resort and the various teams while presenting our internal rules and safety regulations. Everyone respects the same service standards which we call the 4 keys. Safety is our first key: for us, it is absolutely essential. Followed by courtesy, show and efficiency.


Depending on your job, you will take work location training for a period ranging from several days to several weeks.

This training enables you to better understand your team’s role within Disneyland® Paris, to know your missions and objectives, the available means, etc.

Our training teams transmit their Disney know-how and prepare you to start your job in the best possible conditions.